Victoria Justice is a beautiful young American actress and a singer. She is a valentine month baby, born on 1993, February 19th in Hollywood, Florida, as Victoria Dawn Justice. She is currently 22 years of age. Justice’s father Zack Justice is of English-German, and Irish origin and her mother Serene Justice is Puerto Rican. She has a younger sister named Madison.

Why is she famous?

Victoria Justice possesses both outlook beauty and beautiful voice that has made her to be popularly known as an American singer and actress today. Film and Music industry always have ways to create stars and this is what these two industries done to Victoria Justice. She has an inborn talent of acting and she started as an actress at a tender age of ten and has since then appeared in television series which include Nickelodeon series Victorious and Zoey 101 and several films. She has performed in some Nickelodeon series, including True Jackson The Penguins of Madagascar ,VP, ICarly and The Troop. She has also starred in lead role in the MTV series Eye Candy. She also starred in Nickelodeon movie The Boy Who Cried Werewolf. Justice has also appeared in episodes of Gilmore Girls alongside Alexis Bledel the much known handsome actor and she also featured as Wren in Fun Size (2012), a comedy film. 

Victoria has also performed several songs to the Nickelodeon music Spectacular that she starred. This has boosted her music career and she has been able to record a number of songs for the Victoria Series. Victoria Justice has also appeared in several theatrical releases such as The Garden (2006). She is a natural born singer with natural beauty and talent that keeps everyone at their toes whenever she performs. In the Nickelodeon TV series, she is loved by all viewers ranging from children to adults. 

There are many Sexy photos of Victoria Justice in bikini taken from around the internet. It is evident that Victoria Justice is amongst Hollywood's fieriest females, and she is regularly featured in fashion photography, celebrity photo sites and online chats and gossip. It is shocking that the most adored and innocent-like Victoria Justice Just like many other celebrities has also been caught in nude photos scandal. This happened last year august. Victoria Justice denied in all social media that the images in question were fake and not real. Unfortunately, the investigative geeks have put together compelling proof to show that they were Victoria’s. These photos that were exposing mostly her boobs and some exposing her pussy had leaked online almost tarnishing her name but Victoria held her head high. Two days after a immense photo hacking scandal broke; the victimized star appeared to be acknowledging that some of the pics were actually hers. However, Victoria denied that she had uploaded the photos herself. She said that someone had hacked her phone and uploaded them and that she was going to take legal action. Victoria received a lot of criticism from her followers and fans. However, there are few fans who enjoyed watching their star naked and praised the beauty she possesses that has always been covered. To them, whoever leaked the photos give them a golden chance to see their star “inner” or uncovered beauty.Victoria Justice have been the star industry for 12 years now and still kicking and with high hopes.

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